7 july 2018 | MONT SUTTON

3/4 persons per team


Do you like obstacle races ? Have you ever escaped from an escape room ? And if you could do both in the same challenge ?  The team race mixes physical and intellectual obstacles to the viking universe,

For team building, with friends or family - an original activity which will challenge you. Keep one thing in mind : your team is your strength. Don't give up and face the adversity, together.




783 AD


You have long sailed west to discover this vast and mysterious wilderness, which you are now exploring with your hord.


At the bottom of a mountain, the all-powerful god Odin, father of all things, appears to you. He explains that he has came on earth in search of valiant warriors to entrust to them a mission as crucial as dangerous whose outcome will determine the fate of the entire universe.


His eternal adversary, the Goddess Hella, is about to deploy her armies to conquer all known worlds. His troops will be preceded by elemental giants of fire, earth, water and air. According to a spy placed in the entourage of the dark divinity, all his plan of battle rests on the colossi. It's your mission: Find these giants and destroy them while they are still dormant in their basic form.


To be certain of the success of the mission, Odin entrusted this mission to many other hordes. But there is urgency, so he will reward the Vikings who will reach the goal as soon as possible, by letting them enter to the Valhalla, the realm of the brave, where they will feast for eternity in the company of the gods.


Put on your best armor, there will be a job!